Breakouts are a great way to interact with women from other churches

and be motivated, challenged, encouraged, and inspired!


Miracles Can Happen...Even In Families

Led by Nicole Unice (our keynote speaker)


In this breakout session, Nicole Unice will apply biblical principles of healthy relationships to our families—the families we were raised in, the families we are raising, or the family we have chosen for ourselves. Consider this a healthy and honest conversation on the struggles we face, and how we can utilize new tools in our tricky relationships to bring peace to our souls. Bring your questions and we will workshop and discuss together.

The Delusion of Self-Love

Led by Debbie Frye


Are you exhausted from the pursuit of self-acceptance? Are you trying to please everyone around you while trying to love yourself? Afterall, you can’t truly love others until you love yourself, right? We are bombarded with this message through social-media and well-meaning friends… but is it true? This breakout exposes the fallacy of the self-love mindset, and teaches true love and self-care experienced in biblical teachings. 

Love Your Relationships - Discover Personalities

Led by Sherry Caldwell


Do you live with, work with, or are friends with someone completely different from you? Have you ever found yourself trying to “fix” that person? When we gain a clearer understanding of ourselves and others, we are better equipped to "live at peace with everyone" as we are instructed by Scripture (Rom. 12:18). In this breakout, we will delve into the four basic personality types with a focus on identifying strengths and overcoming weaknesses to help cultivate relationships we LOVE!

Pinterest-Inspired Project 

Led by Christina Epperly


Does being creative allow you to de-stress from life or connect with your Creator in a new way? Pre-register for this breakout and join us as we craft together to make a wooden blocks display.


Cost for Session: $15

Includes all materials* and step-by-step instruction.

(*Colors & styles may vary.)


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