Letting Go

Ecclesiastes3:1 – “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven.”

I have always loved Fall. The beauty of all the colors and just watching the beauty unfold before my eyes. Only our God could create such a great masterpiece as this.  But the true meaning of Fall is “letting go”- Surrendering back. While it seems beautiful for the trees to hold on to the colors of those leaves, we rarely think of the letting go process. But if it didn’t let go it would not go through the natural process of the beauty.  The same thing holds true for our own lives. As we surrender back the unknown, trusting the creator to mold and make something beautiful in HIS time.

Our theme for this year for DTJ is “All In”. I can’t even begin to tell you how that resonates with my soul and heart for the season life I am in. I’ve had to go through a season in truly letting go, surrendering, trusting God for the unknown. It’s a painful process…but my sisters, the end result is almost as beautiful as watching the autumn leaves.

What about you?  Are you “All In”?  Will you take some time during these months as we head into the Holiday Seasons to search your heart.  What is God wanting you to let go of? Let’s be ready for March 2018…and be ‘All In” for JESUS!

Prayer:  May we trust you in each season of our life…may we not be rushed, nor hold on to things that do not glorify you. We commit our All to you today, change us, mold us, make us, in ways that will bring total glory to you. AMEN!